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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2014 French F3F National Team Selection

F3F french National team for 2014 (World championship in Donovaly) is in progress and consists in taking the best 3 results over 4 contests among

  •     The Pyrenees Cup
  •     2 dedicated selection contests
  •     The french champioship (end of august)

Results of each contest are ponderated by the number of rounds flown. This make the calculation much more tricky because we need to calculate for each pilot all the possible combination to identify the worse result contribution to exclude from the final ranking. Selection contest cannot go above 15 rounds in order to limit their weight against other normal contest with more pilots so less rounds. I know this is a bit complex, but the idea is to be fair.

Anyway, last week end was the first selection contest following the team 2013 training. For weather and autorization reasons, this constest took place in the south alps near Aspres sur Buech. 8 pilots took part to this contest.  We have been able to fly 12 rounds the first day. We got lots of crossed wind, but within the FAI limits so we had to do with. The second day unfortunately it rained the whole day so we couldn't complete the 3 extra rounds to reach the 15 rounds. Fast time of the day was 34s. Frederic Hours won the competition followed by Sebastien Lanes (both are in the 2013 team) and myself. 

Next selection contest will be mid-July at the col de tende at the border between Italy and France. The following photo Album is from Joël Marin as I was too busy with the competition to take pictures in addition. Thanks Joël

Courtesy of Joël Marin

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