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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pike Precision Electro, new layout

You have probably noticed that since I presented some pictures of the Pike electro fuselage, I didn't show more, and post a build log. The reason is that I spent lot of time to arrange the different element in order to place everything to keep the CG fine, make the installation possible, and especially the maintenance.  The conclusion has been that the fuselage is so thin, that this is nearly impossible. For example, on the elevator servos installed with the servo tray provided, it is then impossible to remove them. This is at the point that some owners decided to not glue the front part of the fuselage in case they need to access the servos.

So I continued to think about a possible layout and concluded that I needed to save more space in the middle of the fuselage, so remove the servos tray, and locate the elevator servos somewhere else. I finally ordered a new set of tails that I should receive in the coming days. The idea is to install the servos in the tails (MKS DS 6100). This save lots of space in the middle of the fuselage, and it participates greatly to keep the CoG right. I change the connectors of the servos to solder grey MPX connectors instead. The femelle connectors are installed and glued with rapid epoxy on the karman.
Now that I have removed the original servo tray, I built a thin plate using some 2mm plywood on which I have installed (from rear to front) the 1.6 A receiver battery, the 8 channel receiver, the magnetic switch with charger connector (from T9 hobbysport).  This plate can be inserted and removed from the canopy and is secured using the 4mm screw normally used with the original tray.

In the front part of the fuselage, I have the motor, then the battery (3S 1.9A) and behind the battery, is the ESC. This layout is because I wanted the 3S battery to be exactly under the canopy and be easily removable. I had the remove the piano wire lock system of the canopy that was taking some space in addition to be too close to the power connector with a risk of short cut.

Below are some pictures of the assembling. I will complete it as soon I receive the tails. Stay tuned !

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