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Monday, June 24, 2013

An afternoon in Corps

Saturday was a slope club meeting in corps. Not really a sucess in term of participation as we were only 5 pilots of the club over around 60 members ! but a very friendly and successful flying afternoon and a superb slope despite the light conditions. The sky cleared progressively at the beginning of the afternoon so we could declare the thermal hunting open ! Arnaud from Gap and Sylvain from Lorraine as a special guess joined the group. Lots of F3x planes, which was the good choice for this type of condition, but also the ASW15 of Joel. We finsihed late, once the wind died with the sunset. 

On my side, I flew my Schwing 88 and my Pike precision, both without any ballast. I damaged my Swching after going very very low and trying to do an emergency landing 3 or 400m below. I stalled at 5 meters of the ground and broke the fuselage in front of the wings. I'm nicely surprised to see how the Schwing resisted to the crash given the heavy impact. The thick servo tray, solidly fixed with fiberglass, protected the front of the fuselage. The wings and the rest of the fuselage is intact which is great ! I already started to repair, and will reinforce the area located at the rear end of the canopy opening the the leading edge of the wings.

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