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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

F3F national team practice

French National team (from left to right): Sébastien Lanes (Pilot), Frédéric Hours (Pilot), Andreas Fricke (Pilot), in front Laurent Lombardo (Team Manager)

Last thursday and friday, I met with the french national F3F team 2013 for a practice and team building session as it was close to my home place. On Thursday, we went to the north slope of Corps but unfortenately were unable to fly as the wind was absent. For friday, we decided to go to Aspres sur Buech in the south alps, with the hope to get more wind and less thurnderstorms which was almost the case. We got some wind, a bit crossed but still OK, and later in the afternoon we could see some showers here and there around our mountain. The 3 pilots have been able to practice, with the course setted up despite the flying condition were not great... The next session will be end of July near Briançon for a day, preceding the league contest at the same place. Here are some pictures taken these 2 days:


  1. Sur quelle montagne est ce dont? les Apôtres?!
    Cyrille Cuénot


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