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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A new promising F3F spot !

Yesterday, I joined Yves, Paul, Christian, and Etienne to discover and fly a new and very promising slope in Ardèche. The area has been recommended by Paul, after  an intensive search on the internet, I discovered the spot on geoportail and google earth, and Yves found the place and the road/way to reach the slope.

We arrived at the slope around 11:00. the wind was already established and was growing. I flew my Needle 100 at 3Kg all the time.

This new spot is just exceptional, a small cliff facing north, reachable after a 20 minutes walk. The landing zone is behind at 200m of the slope, without any turbulence or rotor.

I really enjoyed this new slope a lot. In addition to the south slope which is of the same quality, the next league event in 2014 will be a must in the calendar ! According to Yves, he will apply to organise the nesxt national championship there, which is even better !

I propose you the following video with my Gopro and an onboard cam.

Discovering a new F3F spot from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

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