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Monday, August 5, 2013

 The F3F contest of Briançon is always a week-end apart in the season because of all the specificities like the 4x4 ride to the slope, the high altitude slopes (2200 and 2400m), but also the warm and friendly hosting by Frederic Hours with a BBQ the first evening, and a Pizza party the second evening. This year, we have flown the entire contest on the south slope, a large and deep slope without real edge. On Saturday, we managed to start on time and did 7 rounds with 30 pilots before to end the day. We had some fast times below 40s, but also some slow times with some cross wind from the left. At the end of the day Frederic was strongly installed at the first place of the ranking, followed by me, Andreas Fricke and Sebastien Lanes. 

Sunday, the wind was supposed to be stronger, which was the case but finally it was not better because was a bit crossed and was increasing the te difference between pilots having a thermal, and pilots flying without. We did additional 4 rounds for a total of 11 rounds, but we had lots of refly because of the wind direction. I paid cash in the round 10 with a 50s against a 36s. Frederic remained very solid, Sébastien too, and Andreas, with his new Pike Precision was really consistent and good, finishing at the second place. Finally at the end of the compétition, the 2013 national team trusted the podium, which is a good news with the coming european championship. We all left Briançon very happy and statisfied to have spent a really good week-end in a splendid place. A big "Thanks" to our hosts Frédéric and Edwige ! Thanks you also to Alain, the co-organiser, and all the other people (pilots included) who contributed.

Below is a short video clip I did during the week-end.

Briançon 2013 from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

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