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Friday, August 23, 2013


During the summer, Corps is often visited by people spending their holidays in the area to enjoy mountains, but also flying conditions. The week-end of the 17th of August, I wend again woth Joël Marin to the slope of Corps and met there Gérard Prat from Bellegarde, Michel Leroyer from Britanny, Eric Merlin from Nice and Christian Magnus from Germany. Conditions were small at the beginning but growed a bit during the afternoon, so we could have lots of flying time. It was the opportunity for me to try the Alpina 5001 from Tangent, thanks to Eric who kindly propose me the transmiter, which I couldn't refused ! I flew the Alpina 2 times 15 minutes, did some thermalling, some flyby and some aerobatics. The plane has lots of presence in the air, has a high cruise speed, and the wings are very stiff. Overall a very nice plane that will probably become a collector if Tangent is not waking up quickly, because after retrieving their freedom after the acquisition of Graupner by SJ propo, Tangent didn't move at all. This is a shame because they have a very nice product range.

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