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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shinto, kit overview

I received the last F3F weapon of my fleet. A Shinto from Aer-o-tec, manufactured by Vladimir Model. The kit arrived in a robust wood box in a perfect condition.
As expected, moulding quality is superb using carboline extensively. Wings are light but strong. Tails are like feather with only 26g. Keep in mind that a ligth tail is not necessarely fragile as it has no inertia during impact.
The servo tray is already milled, and accept 12mm mini servo like the MKS 6125e. Even to nose lead is provided. Ballasts are moulded in a mix of lead and another metal which make them very strong.

Below are some picture of the kit as you receive it with ballast, protection bags.

Components weight are the following:

  • Left wing: 570g 
  • Right Wing: 588g 
  • Left tail: 26g 
  • Right tail: 27g 
  • Fuselage + Canopy + servo tray + CG nose lead (provided) : 348g 
  • Joiner: 116g 
 so a total of 1675g

  • Wing ballast (x12): 157g 
  • Joiner ballast (x4): 166g
  • Total ballast: 2548 gr !!! not bad 

I'm waiting for the LDS system to start the assembly. I will use the MKS HBL6625 in the wings and the 6125e + S-BEC in the fuselage. Power will be provided by 2S Li-Ion 18650 format, and around 3Ah capacity battery.

If you read german, you can find more information about Shinto's aerodynamic study here.
More to come with the assembly.

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