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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vagabond from Hacker Model

The wait is over !

Announced in Numberg, all the slope soaring community was waiting impatiently the new VTPR glider from Hacker Model. It is finally here, and the wait was worth it !

Two version are available: raw (uncovered) or covered with laminated film. My version is the laminate film covered version. The fuselage is not covered, just wings, tails, and fin/rudder. A wuick look at the kit content shows a a nicely designed and very complete kit. At the opposite of most of foam cutted EPP kit, the assembly is well advanced, especially on the wing, as the spar and root are already done. There is a bit more work on the fuselage but the assembly remains very straight forward. The kit comes with a nice assembly note with plenty of pictures.

Just for information, the components weight of the 2 versions are the following:

Note: in parenthesis, the basic version

  • Left wing: 122g (86g)
  • Right wing: 120g (86g)
  • Fuselage: 45g (45g)
  • Canopy + servo tray: 60g (60g)
  • Fin / rudder: 13g (5.9g)
  • tails: 27g (15g)
  • accessories: 68g (68g)

Below if my picasa album of the kit I got. More to come with the assembly, possibly next week.

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