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Saturday, October 3, 2015

A nice pod for the mobius cam

Thomas Delarbre created this nice 3D printed Mobius pod with the objective to tape it at a wing tip or at the middle of the fuselage and provide nice view angle video. The overall weight including the cam is about 60g. The cam can be secured with a strap, and the cam head can rotate horizontally to ajust the angle. It is designed for a 8mm carbone tube. thomas will make available the file online for those having a 3D printer, but for others, will propose the lower and upper support, including the 2 screws for 8 euros only (shipping excluded), a very good deal.

For a better fixation, I recommend to glue a very thin and larger epoxy plate that will increase the contact surface of the lower support, and will also take the shape of the airfoil when taped. I know that Thomas is doing some attempt to create a larger base, and more flexible to suppress the need of this epoxy plate.

Finnaly, I use duct tape for the fixation on the wing, whatever the material used, composite or elapor/EPP, it gives good results.

contact: delarbre.thomas (at ) free.fr

What kind of video you can do with such pod:

1 comment:

  1. I've posted the Mobius pod on Thingiverse with the larger base. To download it, follow link below :



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