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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weasel TREK in approach !!!

After releasing the Alula TREK, Dreamflight (Michael Richter and George Rodriguez) is currently evaluating the very first prototype of the new and awaited Weasel TREK. From the pictures we can see, the shape is very similar and it use the same skid than the Alula TREK, so we can guess it will feature a canopy for quick and easy access to the radio.

The Weasel EVO has been like a revelation for me few years ago because of its wide flying enveloppe from thermal flying to strong wind flying thanks to the possibility to ballast in the joiner. Its agility, stability is a joy for slope flyers. I still enjoy my Weasel Black Edition !

If the improvement between the Weasel EVO and TREK is about the same than between the Alula EVO and TREK, we can expect something brillant !

Release Countdown started !

Courtesy of DreamFlight.com

1 comment:

  1. Very Good News !!!
    Moi, je crois encore au Père Noël !


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