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Thursday, January 25, 2018

A tiny transmitter for foamies ?

Frsky should announce soon a new transmitter, looking like a game controller, but featuring the following:

  • Digital high accuracy hall sensor gimbals
  • Open source operating system - OpenTX
  • Easy access battery
  • Ergonomic design
  • Internal and external antennas
  • Supports external modules
  • Mini USB-B port, Headset port and Micro SD card slot
  • Smart Port
  • 128*64 outdoor readable LCD

Price should be around 100 Euros according to the first webshop displaying it

I guess the target is the Quad racing market, but I was wondering if it would make a good transmitter for my foamies, small enough to carry everywhere, internal antennas so no risk to break it, but still full range.

Of course since my issues with XR receivers, I won't use it for my expensive competition toys.


  1. Yes, I'm also curious what issues you had with FrSky gear. It is pretty darn popular and all I use in my gliders. The Xlite radios have become popular with the F3K pilots as it is very small, but very good. Hall effects, pots and switches with 16 channels and full telemetry for a great price. Yeah, lots to like here.


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