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Sunday, February 25, 2018

E-Shinto assembly

After doing the assembly of the Quantum, I could start the assembly of the electro Shinto.
My setup for the E-Shinto is the following:
  • Tenshock EZ 1520/12T and gear micro-edition 5:1
  • Propeller GM 16 x10
  • Turbo Spinner diam. 30 mm
  • Battery 3S 1400mAh Tattu
  • Servos MKS HV6100
  • Receiver 7 channels

The first picture show the layout i'll try to achieve. I also would like to add a spare receiver battery located in the wing ballast compartiment, either 2 x 1S or one 2S depending of the size of the battery.

I started with the nose, doing a 3D printed template. I'm using a 6mm screw with a 3D printed centering part to glue the motor mount in the correct position.
Regarding the servo frame, I finally removed the lower part, glue a 2mm wood plate at the position in the fuselage in order to have more material for the fixation screws.
I have also bought 4mm carbon tubes and MPjet threated adaptors to make the elevator control rods.

I uploaded the different file of the 3D printed servo tray on dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/home/Planet-Soaring/Electro%20Shinto%20Servo%20tray)
Let me know in case you cannot access it. Normally you don't need any account, just the link below. You will find the 2 versions:
- 2 parts servo tray
- All in one servo tray
STL and DesignSpark files.
Personnally, I get a better result with the 2 parts version while printing, and I print the lower part vertically.
PS: No commercial use without my written consent

It is now almost ready, I just need to balance it and program the radio.
Verdict is for the moment 612gr for the E-fuselage + battery compared to 574gr for the glider version, so 38gr extra weight,  not that bad ! And I just compared quickly fuselages balancing and they are very close, great !


  1. Bonjour Pierre
    Je serai preneur de ton fichier pour la pièce de découpe du nez du shinto. Malheureusement, l'espace dropbox n'est plus valide. Si tu peux le remettre à dispo ou me l'envoyer par mail, je t'en serai infiniment gré.


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