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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Successful maiden of the Quantum !

2h30 of drive to the slope, 3 hours of wait before the wind decides to blow a bit, a slope with no possibility of landing down, and 300m of walk for the normal landing area, so needing some height, it was a challenging afternoon but it was still worth it because we had a 1h time window when I could maiden the Quantum !

If the first 20s of the flight "were on eggs", the rest was just a pure pleasure. CoG was good from the beginning (I spent 1 hour on staturday to check using Predim-RC that my calculation of the location was correct), just a bit too much elevator and a tuning in flight of the elevator compensation of the butterfly. First impression is excellent even if I need definitively more flying time is various conditions. The agility is really good, also precision on roll axis. The energy retention is superb, despite the Quantum was flying empty and the conditions where light. Natural speed is there too.
On the road back home, I kept a big smile all the time !
I have a short video taken during the first flight that I will post later.
Now I'm impatient to fly the quantum again !
Some pictures below, sorry for the quality but the sun was missing most of the time !

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