Sunday, February 25, 2018

Super flying day at Rognac

Super flying day at Rognac with friends last week-end !

Excellent conditions, 10 pilots present, 4 maiden flights (Fred's Pitbull2, Martial's Jedi Lift, Stephane's Ceres, Robin's Victor). I could try the Pitbull 2: Easy plane, very light at sticks, plenty of speed. I also continued to discover the Quantum. After reducing the aileron and elevator throws the Quantum became more gentle, and more stable in trajectory. Fred, Martial, Mika and Serge could try it and provided me their feedbacks. Overall very positive. Next step will be to move the CoG backward a bit.

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  1. Bonjour Pierre, bien belle machine en effet. Rognac c'est près de Vitrolles et du Radar. Y a t-il un Club là bas ou bien est-ce juste un site de vol ? Sylvain (Salon de Provence)


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