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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Another flying session with the MicroMax

Good session today with the MicroMax. The slope is not the most efficient one, and the wind was a bit crossed from the left, but the lift was ok and the scenery just superb !
With around 5m/s of wind, I decided to fly all the time with 90gr of ballasted. The MicroMax carries ballast easily, and demonstrated very good capabilities. What I like is despite his small size of 1.15m wingspan, it really behaves like a bigger plane. It is stable, cruises very well, keeps energy in turn. Without snapflap it can already turn very short. Overall, a very good micro glider, very capable !

I will prepare a short video, but I had a problem filming with my Osmo Pocket which kept the horizon level instead of following my head movement (the cam is on a helmet), probably a setting mistake. As a consequence I missed some sequences of the flight, too bad ...

I stopped before the sunset to walk down the slope and drive home before the curfew at 6pm.

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