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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Micro Max Maiden Flight

I finally maidened my MicroMax, in far to be ideal conditions, almost zero wind, grey sky, at my club slope. Very happy how it went. This tiny plane is flying like a bigger one, very precise, with a wide range of speed. In calm air, it is demonstrative, showing the climbing air pretty well. I had to reduce the camber in thermal position, I have about 1 .5 to 2mm now. CG at 65mm seemed good.

After few flights, I decide to drive to another slope, to try to find mode wind, which I found, but also much lower temperatures and after 5min, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, event with thin gloves. But I could see the MicroMax is behaving in 2 to 3m/s of wind. 

The plane even empty penetrates the wind well, accelerate easily and has a very good energy retention for its size. I could chain 4 loopings in a row, and also tried the roll and 4 steps roll without any problem. I will probably work a bit on the aileron differential next time. The rudder authority is good despite the V-tail. So overall very good feelings after this maiden afternoon.

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