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Monday, June 27, 2011

Banne d'Ordanche F3F

I spent my week-end in Auvergne (center of France), near La Bourboule, in a mythic place were the french gliding aviation was born. We were supposed to have a F3F competition, part of the french league. On saturday, the wind was north-east, with unfortunately no slope facind this direction. As the wind shift a little bit to east, we tried a new slope just under the summit of la Banne d'Ordanche. But the wind did'nt stay in the right direction and returned to the north-east so we had to cancelled the round. At least we have validated this new slope for F3F. If the wind it east to south-east, this slope is perfect for F3F.

On sunday, we waited all day long under a strong sun and warm temperatures. around 3 O'clock the organiser decided to end the competition.

Despite the competition didn't happen, we had a great time all together, on the slope with free fligths in the evening with a very friendly dinner, then table tennins competition.

At least, we had plenty of time to do nice photos. Here is my selection.

Here are the pictures done by Nicolas Fischer

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  1. Ce site internet est toujours aussi merveilleux et intéressant que se soit sur le plan technique que pour les reportages, les photos,... ! Mille fois merci.


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