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Monday, February 22, 2016

A smart Digital Incidence Meter

Let me introduce my version of the Digital Incidence Meter. The idea was certainly not to develop any electronic device but just to use what now everybody has: a Smartphone !!!

Over the past weeks, I tried several android applications and discover recently "clinometer" that is perfect for our use (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plaincode.clinometer&hl=fr)

This is a free App: Because it is free, you will have some ads, but this is still only a small banner.
With my smart phone and this App in hands, I just needed to create the rest of the tool around it, which I did this week end. The tool is 3D printed and use a square tube 7.5x7.5 from Alfer.

Clinometer is precise enough (~0.1°), it is smooth, and you can calibrate it, so it is easy to measure the V-angle of a plane by setting the zero for the wing, then measure the tail angle.

The mobile holder can receive a smartphone up to 6 inches. This is a great re-use of you old smarphone for example !

Hope this will help lots of people !

Here are the STL files for download

Note: The STL files are free for personnal use, but any commercial use is stricly forbidden.


  1. Can you tell me what size nuts are used please.

  2. Brilliant design!
    If you can't get hold of aluminium tube, try using carbon fibre square section, built up with flat strips and tape as needed to fit.


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