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Thursday, January 7, 2021

RTGModel Orden Electro Fuselage

RTGmodel is releasing this month an electro fuselage for the Orden. Milan sent me some pictures of it that I'm sharing with you. 

Once again, Milan is bringing some innovation with this smart servo tray, located in the rear boom which is simply inserted by the side. The servos tray is a 4mm epoxy plate, so very strong which, once glued in place is contributing to the stiffness of the fuselage. On the picture we can also notice that the thickness of the carbon fuselage is consequent.

A recess allow to install and tape the servo tray cover.

The pictures is also giving some indication on the motor which is a 28/29mm geared motor (Tenshock Evo 1520 3300Kv on the picture), the battery is a 4s LiPo.

This allows a large choice of power train and ESC to suit pilot needs from the sport flying to the F3G competition.

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